Africa Prebrief is a consulting and analytical service for frontier and diaspora-based investors seeking relevant insight into current events, and important developments and trends which may impact opportunities and change.

Africa Prebrief identifies the significance of economic, political, and cultural dynamics; explaining their point of intersection; and provides prescient perspective.

The service combines historical worldview, market review, business model analysis, political strategy, and economic anthropology to weigh variables and make predictions – with insights, information and intelligence gathered from a network of experts on the ground in Africa, with sources in Europe and Asia and contacts with key power centers in the United States.

Africa Prebrief garnered attention and credibilty by accurately predicting the intended merger between Russia’s Vimpelcom and Egypt’s Orascom Telecom; the approval of the Wal Mart-Massmart merger by the South African Compettion Tribunal; the African impact on the Initial Public Offering of commodities trading giant Glencore as well as the movements of East African currencies - the Kenyan and Ugandan shilling.

* Africa PreBrief is founded by Cedric Muhammad - a recognized African specialist and Member of the African Union's First Congress of African Economists

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